Since 2014 RetailX has been researching the performance of over 100,000 D2C selling sites, assessing over 300 metrics and billions of data points, from which we analyse and rank the top-performing retailers and brands.

Initially our research was to support editorial output (and our Market, Sector and Performance Reports are still the high water mark for commercial analysis and benchmarking). However we now off direct access to the data to subscribers, RXPro members and clients.

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Research Reports

Our research reports are available free of charge to retailers via our media partners, InternetRetailing and others.

Top1000 data download

Rich data on the Top1000 retailers, brands and marketplaces in Europe. Traffic, capabilities, revenues - all in one download for your target account research or competitive analysis.


30,000 consumer surveys in 17 languages across Europe, the US and beyond... Now available 'under your thumb' in the new ConsumerX App

Leadership Barometer

A quarterly attitudinal survey of digital D2C leaders, covering skills, prospects, strategy and outlook. Ideal for benchmarking and future-scoping.


JUNE 2024: Open beta of our direct access to thousands of retailers' performance cards

Custom Projects

We're proud to work with sector-leading vendors, retailers and advisors on research projects for in-house or onward publication. Talk to us for retailer, sector, consumer or market projects.



United States Growth 2000 Report 2024

Download the 2024 USA Growth 2000 Report, our ranking of the top retailers, brands, and marketplaces beyond the RetailX US Top500. In this report we will delve into the rankings, showcasing not just size but performance of 2000 US retailers, all underpinned by RetailX value chain analysis. The USA Growth 2000 2024 explores how these […]

RetailX UK Top500 2024

Download the 10th edition of the RetailX UK Top500 ranking of the leading 500 retailers, brands and marketplaces that sell in the UK today. Throughout the pages of this report, we map out how, for many retailers, the balance of retailing over the last ten years of our UK Top500 analysis has changed. Some have […]

UK Growth 1000 2023

The 1000 growing retailers and D2C brands to watch in the UK market 2023 Download this year’s UK Growth 1000 (G1K). This report comes at a time when customers’ focus is firmly on value, as inflation continues to push up prices. Retailers, brands and marketplaces are responding by seeking to understand how their customers now […]

DeliveryX Top1000 Europe Report 2023

Download The DeliveryX Top1000 Europe Report which expands on the RetailX operations value chain sector of the Top1000 report and delves further, starting with the supply chain, logistics, and the delivery experience. It also covers how retailers are minimising returns and deploying data and technology to succeed in what has been another challenging year. We […]


ConsumerX Report 2024 

Download our first ConsumerX report, at the heart of this report is the ConsumerX database, with findings from five years of consumer surveys. Each year, more than 40,000 consumers from over 20 key ecommerce markets around the world respond to ConsumerX surveys that are translated into a dozen languages. The aim of this report is […]

Global Sports Goods Report 2024

Download 2024 Global Sports Goods Report in which we give a comprehensive overview of this dynamic sector through RetailX research, detailed graphics and exclusive case-studies. While the global sports goods market is dominated by enormous, well-known brands, we also discuss the wealth of localised players that attract a lot of sales and how they are […]

SustainabilityX Report 2024

SustainabilityX Shaping management strategies to drive positive impact Download the SustainabilityX Report 2024 and join the sustainabilityrevolution to unlock the future of retail. With the clock ticking on the UN’s2030 sustainable development goals, this report dives into the realities andopportunities shaping the industry. The report explores how forward-thinking boardrooms are embracingsustainability, shaping positive business models, […]

DigitalX Digital Marketing Evolution 2024

Download the DigitalX 2024 report which arrives at a moment when the digital marketing sector is in a state of flux. While new performance marketing tools and methodologies have, at first glance, made it easier than ever to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and initiatives, marketers need to be sure they are tracking the right […]


United Kingdom 360° Ecommerce Report 2024

The UK 360 – Performance, consumer insights and market dynamics — a 360° view on retail, ecommerce and D2C in the UK  Download today our first UK 360° report, which brings together the three central strands of RetailX research: The report offers a briefing on the UK market as a whole, on how shoppers buy […]

Middle East ecommerce region report 2023

Download this report for a fascinating insight into the retail environment in the Middle East. This is a region of contrasts and conflict but also cooperation towards a digital future. While the region covers 16 countries, as does the initial analysis by RetailX researchers, this report goes further to look in depth at six of […]

Australia 360° 2023

Performance, consumer insights and market dynamics – a 360° view on retail, ecommerce and D2C in Australia, 2023 The first edition of the RetailX Australia 360° 2023 report looks in detail at this fast-developing market and how the shoppers who live there want to buy. It explores the market fundamentals, asks how Australians prefer to shop […]

Switzerland Ecommerce Country Report 2023

Download the RetailX Switzerland Ecommerce Country Report 2023 report for our exploration into Switzerland’s B2C market, including leading retailers, shopping preferences and digital maturity.  Download now for a clear overview of the general market context, all the way through to intricacies in consumer behaviour. In particular, the report focuses on Switzerland’s distinct flavour of digital […]