RetailX - Research, data, analysis and networking

RetailX’s primary research covers over 100,000 digital direct-to-consumer retailers, brands and marketplaces; over 40,000 consumer surveys a year; and analysis of markets, sectors and trends.

Through our Research Reports, Board Briefs, direct-access data, tracking apps and community events, we put insight ‘under the thumb’ of commercial professionals.

For interactive access to our research data, enhanced information on the companies we’ve ranked, or interactive access to our attitudinal surveys of consumers and retail professionals, we are please to offer one-off and subscription options.

Retailer and Brand ranking lists

Enriched lists of the retailers and brands in our Annual Performance rankings. Checked and updated quarterly, and provided as a CSV download for ready analysis or import to CRM or analysis applications.  Ideal for sales teams to support targeting, or for strategy teams for competitor analysis and market targeting

Apps - direct access to live data

ConsumerX offers dynamic charting, interrogation and analysis chartpacks of our 40,000 consumer surveys a year. The consumer insight covers Europe, the UK, Australia and the US. SustainabilityX provides live data on the sustainability claims, targets, transparency and performance of the UK's Top500 retailers. RetailDNA is new for 2024 and provides access to the companies of the European Top1000, with live and dynamic performance information, clustering and tracking.

The Quarterly Leadership Observatory

New for 2024, a quarterly attitudinal survey of leaders in the European Top1000 retailers, brands and marketplaces. The survey looks at confidence, focus areas, team capabilities, market position and prospects and competition each quarter, therefore providing a 'confidence tracker' for the sector's leaders. Occasional special-focus surveys are conducted on a regular basis. Retailers can see their own results mapped against their peers in aggregate, by sector, country and role type.
Our network reflects the importance of people to performance. Our networking for commercial leaders supports their agenda. We provide research, stimulus and a forum to exchange ideas. Our network and community activities are always off the record, confidential and retailer-first. We focus on leaders in the Top1000 retailers and brands across Europe, innovators and shapers, the fly-highers and leaders for tomorrow. To engage, contribute or suggest, contact Ian Jindal for general enquiries, or follow the links on the activities below.

Learning, exchanging ideas and being face to face with peers has a vital place in the professional and commercial communities of retail and D2C. Our events range from the prestigious annual confex festivals, to more intimate roundtables, thinktanks and our ‘incubator’ events. Shane White, VP of Events, leads our programme, so do reach out to chat with ideas and questions.


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