Country & Region Reports

Our “360°” format draws together an econometric and demographic view of a territory with consumer research, top-performing retailer ranking and case studies. Whether you are in a territory and looking to improve performance, keep a wary eye on competitors, or assessing a market-entry move, our research blends customer+economy+competitors+case-studies… A true commercial 360° view.

Covering the main ecommerce and D2C markets, the reports are published annually, while the underlying data is maintained throughout the year and available via our apps and downloads.

The latest region and Country reports


Germany 360° Ecommerce Report 2024

Download our first edition of the RetailX Germany 360° report. This new format reports on the German digital landscape, its consumers’ attitudes to shopping online and details of the retailers that lead the market. These are analysed through charts and the RetailX ranking. The RetailX Germany 360° report goes deeper by investigating market dynamics, retailer […]

United Kingdom 360° Ecommerce Report 2024

The UK 360 – Performance, consumer insights and market dynamics — a 360° view on retail, ecommerce and D2C in the UK  Download today our first UK 360° report, which brings together the three central strands of RetailX research: The report offers a briefing on the UK market as a whole, on how shoppers buy […]

Middle East ecommerce region report 2023

Download this report for a fascinating insight into the retail environment in the Middle East. This is a region of contrasts and conflict but also cooperation towards a digital future. While the region covers 16 countries, as does the initial analysis by RetailX researchers, this report goes further to look in depth at six of […]

Australia 360° 2023

Performance, consumer insights and market dynamics – a 360° view on retail, ecommerce and D2C in Australia, 2023 The first edition of the RetailX Australia 360° 2023 report looks in detail at this fast-developing market and how the shoppers who live there want to buy. It explores the market fundamentals, asks how Australians prefer to shop […]