Since 2014, RetailX has researched over 11,000 retailers and direct-to-consumer brands, assessing and ranking their performance on over 300 metrics. We produce the only objective, performance-based ranking of Europe’s retailers. Our influential annual reports include the UK Top500, The EU Top1000, The Top500 Brands in Europe, the UK Growth2000 and the EU Growth3000.

Access to the reports is FREE OF CHARGE to Top500 retailers via InternetRetailing (free membership required), by individual purchase or annual corporate membership.

Latest Benchmark Reports of Top Retailers

The UK Top500 2022 report offers unparalleled insight into the UK’s leading ecommerce and multichannel retailers and brands. We closely track the performance of these savvy sellers to provide readers with a fine-tuned image of the current industry ‘best practice’  – from the reach a retailer or brand has to how long it takes to answer a customer email.

The RetailX UK Growth 2000: 2021 brings fresh insights into the way retailers have raised their ecommerce performance at a time when shoppers are doing more of their shopping online. We look closely at ecommerce and multichannel retailers across the UK and what they are doing to stand out against the increasing competition.  

2020 saw more people than ever shopping online; leaving retailers under an enormous amount of pressure to deliver on customer expectations and stand out from the sea competition. The ability to sell through brick and mortar has also been constrained as a result of multiple lockdowns and global restrictions.

The Europe Growth 3000 offers unparalleled insight into the 3,000 up and coming retailers and brands selling to customers in the 31 countries of the EEA plus Switzerland and the UK. Inside, we focus specifically on growth and the key drivers of growth: more traffic, the shift to mobile shopping, easy and convenient delivery, and making it easier to pay.

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The RetailX UK Top500 (RXUK) range of reports presents an independent and unbiased review of the performance of the UK’s biggest ecommerce and multichannel retailers. The index is updated annually in January with a comprehensive ranking against six performance dimensions, providing an accurate benchmarking tool to help you stay ahead of the competition.
The RXEU range of research presents an independent and unbiased review of the performance of the continents’ best ecommerce and multichannel retailers. Seven reports are published every year with a comprehensive ranking and analysis against six key performance dimensions, providing an accurate benchmarking tool to help you stay ahead of competition. Scroll down for our regular editorial coverage of RXEU Top500 members or to sign up to the European newsletter.

The RetailX Brand Index tracks the disrupting influence of companies that make branded goods – in most cases traditional wholesalers – who are now selling direct-to-customer and ranks them according to retail performance.

The Growth 2000 performance index benchmarks the retailcraft of the largest 2000 retailers in the UK outside of the Top500, measuring the areas of Search, Mobile, Delivery, and Social. The index takes the customer’s perspective to see whether and how these companies are positioned to grow.


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