Retailer Ranking Reports

RetailX data powers our ranking reports in which we independently rank, research and analyse the performance of the world’s leading retailers. For more than 10 years our experts have analysed millions of data-points, tracked over 100,000 ecommerce sites and measured more than 300 metrics to create detailed reports on the top retailers, brands, digital D2C players by region, globally.

Download our reports like the UK Top500 today for free via our media partner InternetRetailing. We also offer the data as a static download, ideal for market targeting and competitive analysis at a cost.

Our Ranking Reports comprise of:

  • The UK Top 500 – A analysis of the best 500 retailers operating in the United Kingdom and an analysis of why they are the best
  • The UK Growth 1000 – The next 1000 retailers following on from the Top500, the businesses to watch.
  • The Global Elite 1000 – The best 1000 retailers globally in which we give a definitive list of companies operating across the world
  • The Top1000 Europe Report – The top 1000 retailers in Europe, including the EU/EEC, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
  • Growth 3000 Europe – Following on from the EU Top1000 we explore how 3,000 retailers, brands, and marketplaces innovate and add value to their operations



United States Growth 2000 Report 2024

Download the 2024 USA Growth 2000 Report, our ranking of the top retailers, brands, and marketplaces beyond the RetailX US Top500. In this report we will delve into the rankings, showcasing not just size but performance of 2000 US retailers, all underpinned by RetailX value chain analysis. The USA Growth 2000 2024 explores how these […]

RetailX UK Top500 2024

Download the 10th edition of the RetailX UK Top500 ranking of the leading 500 retailers, brands and marketplaces that sell in the UK today. Throughout the pages of this report, we map out how, for many retailers, the balance of retailing over the last ten years of our UK Top500 analysis has changed. Some have […]

UK Growth 1000 2023

The 1000 growing retailers and D2C brands to watch in the UK market 2023 Download this year’s UK Growth 1000 (G1K). This report comes at a time when customers’ focus is firmly on value, as inflation continues to push up prices. Retailers, brands and marketplaces are responding by seeking to understand how their customers now […]

DeliveryX Top1000 Europe Report 2023

Download The DeliveryX Top1000 Europe Report which expands on the RetailX operations value chain sector of the Top1000 report and delves further, starting with the supply chain, logistics, and the delivery experience. It also covers how retailers are minimising returns and deploying data and technology to succeed in what has been another challenging year. We […]