RetailX Europe Growth 3000 Report 2023



At the heart of the RetailX Growth 3000 2023 report are the 3,000 retailers, brands and marketplaces that follow on from those included in the annual RetailX Top1000 Europe.

The Growth 3000 list illustrates the breadth of the retail businesses that serve shoppers across the continent, including the 32 markets of the European Union, European Economic Area plus the UK and Switzerland.

Download the report, which this year bases the analysis on the value chain model that is now the foundation of RetailX analysis. This explores how retailers and brands add value as they go through all the steps involved in selling goods. This approach features the Customer, Product, Operations and Capital value chains.

It comes at a time when customers are once more facing challenging economic times and customer behaviour is again responding by adapting and changing, posing new problems for Growth 3000 businesses to solve.

How does Swedish based Rugvista, a leader in the Customer Value Chain, help shoppers explore its range? How does Norwegian pharmacy chain Apotek1, which stands out in the Product Value Chain offer recommendations to their website visitors? and how does Barcelona-based jeweller Tous, a leader in the Operations Value Chain, offer a broad range of delivery, collection and returns options?

Through the pages of the Growth 3000 Europe 2023, we’ve examined how these 3,000 retailers, brands and marketplaces are adding value to their businesses despite continued external economic challenges. The improvements made are often relatively small ones – such as offering a new delivery or return option – but over time, these incremental gains add up. Read case studies on: Alpkit, King Jouet, Top Secret, Elbenwald, Saks Fifth Avenue and GameStop.

The emerging picture is one in which standards have risen to meet the growing customer expectations of those buying from the small and medium size businesses that make up the Growth 3000, as well as from their larger counterparts.


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