France Ecommerce country report 2023

Download the 2023 edition of the RetailX France Ecommerce Country Report which deep dives into the world’s seventh largest economy and Europe’s third-largest after Germany and the UK.

It’s always going to be a destination of interest for retailers eyeing growth and of interest to us in a research capacity. Pension reform strikes have impacted the country’s transport and energy and economic activity is subdued but the outlook for 2024 is good.

Despite facing the same challenging times as, the rest of Europe, French consumers are optimistic. They’re spending more online than the average European shopper and they’re keen users of social commerce. They like saving time and they’re happier if they know they’re buying from a fair company.

Although there have been many challenges over the last few years, French consumers are still willing to pay for quality and are still prioritising this and convenience over speed of delivery. They are also not afraid to take a stand against companies (such as Amazon) that jeopardise the status quo and they are fiercely loyal to local sellers. However, as with other regions, consumer confidence has taken a hit and any company expanding into this territory needs to be mindful of all these factors.

Report highlights:

  • 24 pages of market-leading analysis, research and expert insight into the French ecommerce market
  • Research is illustrated throughout with +30 easy-to-read graphs, figures and charts
  • Category analysis of the France largest 100
  • Why French shoppers are happy to accept new ways to pay
  • Why is fashion spend on the increase?
  • Why have scam influencers received a formal warning?
  • French consumers are still unwilling to pay more for faster delivery
  • Why nearly one in five French households is still lacking a high‑speed internet connection


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