2023: Nordics Fashion Sector Report

The Nordics Fashion Sector Report looks at how the Nordic online fashion market operates, what consumers in this highly evolved environment spend on fashion and how these constraints and opportunities can affect brands. 

The Nordic countries – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland – are among the most tech-savvy in the world, with internet and mobile usage nearly 100% and ecommerce used by more than 80% of shoppers in the region. However, the price for such a highly digital market is that there is little room for innovation, new entrants or a ‘wow factor’ for consumers.

This comprehensive report explores how the Nordics most stringent environmental laws and regulations, have shaped fashion consumption. The Nordics online fashion market is driven by ecoconscious consumers perhaps more than any other factor. Given the markets online and mobile penetration maturity, any retailer or brand looking to sell into this market needs to have a unique product that chimes with the Nordic view of healthy and sustainably living, be overt with its green credentials and, more than anything, produce ethically sourced, ethically made and sustainably manufactured and shipped goods.

Get this right and the sales are there to be won – however, be aware that the high standard of living means that, while prices can be higher, margins can be tight.

Report highlights:

  • 25 pages of market-leading research into how the Nordic online fashion market operates 
  • An overview of the largest 100 retailers in the Nordics featuring those that have created novel ways to target this challenging market
  • Research is illustrated throughout with 36 easy-to-read graphs, figures and charts 
  • 7 exclusive company case studies including:  Bestseller, Gudrun Sjődén, H&M, Lager 157, Pandora, Reima and Tiger of Sweden 


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