RetailX hold regular events throughout the year and across Europe, bringing together a cohort of senior multichannel and ecommerce professionals: the RetailCraft Network.

Comprised of both roundtables and dinners, the events allow retailers to meet, and to share ideas, challenges and solutions, whilst giving a chance to gauge the status quo in the industry, and calibrate the quality and direction of our research.


What is a RetailCraft Network Dinner?

Dinners are informal, confidential, sales-free and presentation-free convivial gatherings in 5-star settings. Convened to co-incide with releases of research projects, or to take soundings about priorities and perspectives during the research phase, delegated are invited from the RetailCraft Network based upon their role and interests. Guests will be furnished with the report and key questions in advance of dinner

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  • Selling Effectiveness & Growth - 11th Sept, London
  • The Architecture of Commerce - 19th Sept, London
  • Service Culture - 17th Oct, London
  • 14th Nov, London


What is a RetailCraft Network Roundtable?

Breakfast roundtables are discursive, practical and case-study led explorations of our research (either Top500 or WhitePapers). They are convened during the research phase to share practical examples, challenges and success in a confidence, allowing us to focus our research. Roundtables are also convened to share and explore research just prior to public release, with the participation of case-study retailers.

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  • Conversational Marketing - 19th Sept, London
  • Service Culture - 25th Sept, London
  • IREU 2018 Report Launch - 3rd Oct, London
  • 16th Oct, London
  • 1st Nov, London