Ecommerce World Review is back!

RetailX’s fantastic festival of research: Ecommerce World Review will be returning to your desktops, laptops and cellular devices between 8th – 12th of November 2021. 

Dive into ecommerce trends across the globe with our editors, researchers and industry guests as they present 10 FREE webinars over 5 days! 

This pre-peak primer event offers exclusive insight into our research, data and case studies so that retailers and brands can prepare for the busiest season of the year and get a head start on 2022. 

Digital Editor, Scarlette Isaac looks ahead at some of the highlights…

1.How to establish your marketplace presence

08th November 2021 | 15:30 GMT

Tune in as we discuss the growth of marketplaces, how the Growth2000 retailers have established a marketplace presence – as well as what the future holds for this trend. 

What do we know so far?

Covid-19 has accelerated the shift to digital and as a result we’ve seen a surge in the number of consumers shopping via marketplace platforms.

As illustrated above, the share of web traffic going to brands takes the lead over brands (12.7%)  and retailers (32.3%)  at 55%. Amazon (30.3%) has the highest number of visitors – followed by eBay (19.6%). 

What’s next? 

For brands, selling through any number of marketplaces can be a relatively low cost way to reach new customers directly, whether these are people who tend to buy from other shops or websites, or are in new international markets. For those following the multichannel mantra of being available to customers wherever, whenever and however they want to buy, selling from a marketplace makes sense. 

“There’s no doubt marketplaces are here to stay and that they will grow in importance,” adds Victoria Betts, chief operating officer at Hotter Shoes in our Brands and Marketplaces report 2021

You can find out more about the growing influence of marketplaces by signing up for our webinar: How to establish your marketplace presence. 

2. A review of the Grocery Sector Report 2021

10th November 2021 | 15:30 GMT

To learn more about the findings from the Grocery 2021 report with industry experts, make sure to register your interest for our webinar: A review of the Grocery Sector Report 2021.

What do we know so far?

RetailX polled retail executives from across the continent to see what their corporate plans for investment and recovery were.

Data (7%) and staff (7%) were the only focuses considered a top priority for the next 12 months amongst our respondents. Establishing new partnerships have increased most in importance (60%), followed by sustainability (50%) and product range (47%)/digital experience (47%). On the other hand, personalisation has remained a consistent priority amongst the majority of our retailers (77%).

What’s next?

Our research suggests that the importance of partnerships will continue to grow. These partnerships span the retail value chain, from closer working with brands and suppliers on data-driven insight and omnichannel category management through to IT and third parties, such as Glovo and Uber Eats, meeting consumer demand for immediacy.

Reserve your virtual seat at: A review of the Grocery Sector Report 2021 for further exploration into the impact of the pandemic on the grocery sector – as well as continued discussions on future trends. 

3. A review of the Europe 2021 Ecommerce Region Report

12th November 2021 | 10:00 AM GMT

This webinar will delve into the state of ecommerce in Europe based on the findings from the RetailX Europe 2021 Ecommerce Region Report, with a specific focus on Europe’s sustainability goals. 

What do we know so far? 

Greenhouse gas emissions across the EU have already fallen by 24% compared to 1990, while the EU economy has grown by around 60% in the same period.

Individual countries have put legislation in place in order to meet their own targets as part of the EU’s overall aim. For example, 40% of all energy is to come from renewable sources by 2030, something that the UK (although not part of the EU) recorded in Q1 2020 when it generated 47% of electricity from renewable sources. 

What’s next? 

Europe is moving towards becoming the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050 and has already put plans in place to achieve this. 

President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen says: “The fossil fuel economy has reached its limits. We want to leave the next generation a healthy planet as well as good jobs and growth that does not hurt our nature.” 

Join our webinar: A review of the Europe 2021 Ecommerce Region Report for further data and discussion on the Europe B2C market. 

You can register your attendance and find out more details about the event at


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