Switzerland 2022: Ecommerce Country Report

Download the RetailX Switzerland 2022 report for deep dive insight into Switzerland’s B2C market, including leading retailers, shopping preferences and digital maturity.

Retailers and brands will come away with a clear overview of the general market context, all the way through to intricacies in consumer behaviour. In particular, the report focuses on Switzerland’s distinct flavour of digital maturity, and how this has evolved due to increased online activity during the pandemic, as well as what this means for merchants.

Delivery preferences are also a key aspect of this report and we delve into the expectations of Swiss consumers who are traditionally accustomed to efficient and innovative delivery options.

We also look at retailers and manufacturers from Germany, China and the USA and other countries which have invested in reaching Switzerland’s consumers. While examining Switzerland’s largest 100 retailers, we also investigate their web traffic by sector, country of retailer headquarters and countries from which shoppers visit.

Download the full report now and learn more about:

  • How Swiss consumers are shopping in an increasingly digital world.
  • How Switzerland ranks across our performance indices, including Logistics Performance Index, Internet Inclusivity Index and Ease of Doing Business.
  • Which Marketplaces are set to gain the most from increased consumer spending.

Report highlights:

  • Market-leading research into the current state of ecommerce in Switzerland, including payment methods, cross-border ecommerce and sustainability.
  • Insights and predictions from Asania.
  • 28 illustrative figures and graphs


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