RetailX Brand Index Europe 2023



This report names the largest 500 brands that sell to customers in the 32 markets of the EU and EEA plus the UK and Switzerland.

The Brand Index 2023 is designed to enable brands of all sizes to see how they measure up to the performance of leading brands that sell in some of the world’s largest markets, as well as to understand and to learn from what works for market leaders.

How does Sofology approach its product recommendations and sustainability? How does Nespresso handle fulfilment? What is Patagonia’s store and profits strategy?

Through the pages of the Brand Index Europe we have explored how brands are making it easier to buy from them. Often, the changes brands make represent small and incremental differences. But by changing fulfilment promises, adding search filters and via product reviews and ratings, the leading brands included in this index are, collectively, adapting to the way that shoppers want to buy. Steady improvements over time add up to far-reaching change and rising standards of customer service online and across channels.

Report highlights:

  • Full list of the RetailX Top500 Brand Index 2023
  • 36 pages of RetailX analysis using 4 value chains: Customer, Product, Operations and Capital
  • 6 unique company profiles: Jack & Jones, HP, Vans, Brico Dépôt, Zara and Lego

Download the full version now for insight into: 

  • Who are the Top500 direct-to-consumer brands selling digitally in Europe?
  • How brands are best learning to serve customers who buy directly from them
  • Sustainability is moving up the agenda fast for customers and brands alike
  • How does HP offers its customers across Europe a local experience
  • Why brands stand out in the Customer Value Chain when they prioritise the customer experience
  • How Jacadi Paris helps shoppers stay informed and find the right product


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