Poland 2020: Ecommerce Country Report

Download the Poland 2020: Ecommerce Country Report for everything you need to know about the growing market in a country at the heart of continental Europe.

Since it joined the EU in 2003, it has taken Poland less than two decades to transform itself from a Soviet-era backwater to Europe’s sixth-largest economy. In geopolitical terms, it is a country that exerts a huge influence, and acts a bridge between the EU and Putin’s Russia.

In terms of its digital economy, Poland has skipped past the desktop PC era to become a largely mobile-first economy where already 48.9% of digital traffic comes from smartphones. Its ecommerce market is already the 19th-largest in the world, ahead of, for example, Sweden and Turkey. The value of the Polish ecommerce market is expected to be close to €11bn in 2020.

How will the Polish market evolve in the years ahead? Will it continue to be buoyant or will potential head winds such as a declining population and political populism hold it back? Has Covid-19 changed Polish consumers’ shopping habits? Will its brightest young people, so often émigrés to other countries in Europe, return home?

Read the Poland 2020: Ecommerce Country Report now to learn more. Our graphs and analysis offer the perfect combination to begin your journey into Poland’s ecommerce market.


The full report includes:

  • Market context
  • Population growth
  • Partner perspective: Tealium
  • Partner perspective: Asendia
  • Internet Inclusivity Index
  • Internet usage
  • Overview of Poland’s B2C market
  • Revenue in the ecommerce market
  • Percentage of online shoppers
  • The Polish consumer
  • Cross-border ecommerce
  • Coronavirus graphics:
    • Most popular products bought online during the pandemic
    • Growth rates of online orders during the pandemic


  • More than 30 detailed graphs and charts including:
    • Gross Domestic Product and GDP growth
    • Device usage for online
    • Social Media usage
    • Most popular online payment methods by device
    • Percentage of internet users who shop online
    • Average online spending per shopper
    • Ecommerce revenue in Poland, by segment
    • Most popular products bought online
    • Reasons for shopping online
    • Most popular products purchased online from abroad
    • Cross-border ecommerce usage
    • And much more
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