Homeware 2021: Sector Analyst Report

Although the Covid-19 pandemic initially caused a crash in homeware sales as stores went into lockdown - a new desire for home renovation soon emerged out of the ashes. In fact, the homeware sector is now projected to grow by around 3% and hit $41.1bn in 2021.

Our Homeware Sector 2021 report offers a strategic and commercial overview of the current homeware market including key players, growth vectors and regional variants. We also examine the current challenges in the sector around Covid-19; as well as the opportunities it has provided for growth. Plus, discover which omni-channel trends and pureplay trends are shaping the homeware market, as well as learn about the new technologies being used by key players. All our analysis is illustrated by quick-read RetailX graphs for your ease and convenience.

Featured company profiles include: IKEA, Dunelm, John Lewis, Made.com, Home24, Habitat, Dedeman, Praxis, Vente Unique and Westwing.

Inside the report:

  • Sector Timeline
    • Macroeconomic events
    • Disposable income
    • Covid-19
  • Market context
    • Key players
    • Omni-channel trends
    • Pureplay trends
    • Grocers
  • Regional Variations
    • International
    • Europe
    • China
    • Supply and production
  • Growth Vectors
    • Heatmap
    • Sustainability
    • Fast homewares
    • Changing consumer habits
    • Company Profiles including IKEA, Dunelm & Habitat
    • And much more!
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