Germany Top100 Report 2023



Download this report which examines the state of ecommerce in Germany from the perspective of the Top100 retailers. We examine the actions of these leading companies and the measures they have undertaken across three value chains: Customer, Product and Operations.

The early part of this report discloses the makeup of the RetailX Germany Top100, the categories in which they sell, the mix of brands, retailers and marketplaces and names the six retailers that together are the Elite of the group. Some on the listing are pureplay, selling on digital channels alone, while others operate across a network of bricks-and-mortar stores as well as online. All stand out for their exemplary performance across the value chains measured by RetailX.

We explore how the last 15 months have been challenging for Germany’s leading retailers but the findings of this RetailX report highlight the resilience of the industry, its partners and customers. Energy prices, high inflation and recessionary measures have added to the tumultuous times. However, these challenges have been met with the many levers upon which retailers can rely across customer-facing digital channels, operations and product design, procurement and positioning.

Inside the report we also deliver six in-depth company profiles of companies within the Germany Top100; including adidas, Asos, Douglas, Hornbach and Zalando.


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