Germany Ecommerce country report 2023

Download the RetailX Germany Ecommerce Country Report 2023 for the latest findings on how German shoppers buy online and across sales channels – and on how leading retailers and brands in the market sell to them.

In the 2023 edition of the report we examine the current state of the German ecommerce market, looking at everything from the influence of politics and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and its impact on the market, to trends such as payments, delivery and consumer behaviour.

We examine the German consumer, and how high energy prices and the cost of living have meant cutbacks on spending as a result, particularly on discretionary items such as furniture and electronics. We take a deep-dive into consumer behaviours during peak trading with many cutting back on Christmas and Black Friday spending. In May 2023 Germany officially fell into recession after its GDP fell by 0.3% for the period from January to March which means the pain isn’t over yet.

A key theme in this report is the continued emergence of social commerce for the German consumer, as well as a wider range of devices being used to purchase goods. These include smart TVs and smart speakers, showing that voice commerce is emerging as a channel in its own right for German consumers alongside the more traditional growth areas, such as mobile.

Report highlights:

  • 34 pages of market-leading analysis, research and expert insight into the German ecommerce market
  • Research is illustrated throughout with 42 easy-to-read graphs, figures and charts
  • How does Germany perform against global benchmarks?
  • Why is there a rise in social commerce in Germany?
  • 6 company profiles: Obi, Mindfactory, Thalia, Bonprix, Douglas and Alternative


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