France 2022

The France 2022 2022 RetailX France Ecommerce Country Report is designed to help retailers and brands of all sizes navigate the idiosyncratic French ecommerce market and build a winning strategy.

Inside, we expand upon the idea that reliability and stability are key to the French consumer - looking at everything from delivery preferences, popular payment methods and most successful retailers.

The report also explores how the country is getting back on its feet post-pandemic and whether this translates into sustainable growth. This includes an exploration into the number of consumers still opting for ecommerce, generational gaps in shopping habits and the overall business impact of Covid-19.

Marketplace growth is another key point of focus, as we discuss the antipathy towards Amazon and why this makes the French marketplace an area worth watching.

We hope this report proves as a useful tool for those looking to grow their business in France.

Report highlights:

  • 34 pages of bespoke research into the French ecommerce market, including shopping habits, post-pandemic considerations and more
  • Over 30 easy-to-read RetailX figures and sources
  • Deep-dive insight into the largest 100 retailers selling in France

Download the full report now and discover why:

  • Cross-border ecommerce is up everywhere but French consumers like to buy local
  • Antipathy towards Amazon and an emerging circular economy make French marketplaces worth watching
  • The future is omnichannel for the ecommerce-happy French e-shopper
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