European Marketplaces Report 2020

The first RetailX European Marketplaces report lists and examines the major marketplaces and marketplace-like retail sites across Europe and analyses what the Marketplace Market in Europe looks like, as well as how each performs.

Assessing the mixture of pure and mixed marketplaces in each country, the report delves into the customer experience in each and the merchant experience for sellers, looking at payments, subscriptions, logistics, consumer protection, brand protection and more.

The report also takes a look at the growing role of non-transactional marketplaces, as well as those servicing the B2B space. Featuring a look at five key marketplaces, the report also outlines the trends shaping the European Marketplace landscape.

Download the report to discover

• What the leading marketplaces across Europe are

• The countries they operate in

• What categories they sell into

• The proportion of fixed-price, offer-based and auction sites

• The range of payments offered

• How many offer subscriptions

• Selling fees and seller registration requirements

• How Amazon and eBay match up for brand protection

• Traffic levels on non-transactionals

• The impact of Coronavirus and beyond

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