Europe Travel Sector Report 2023

For obvious reasons, the European tourism landscape took a real hit during the pandemic. As we emerge from the wreckage, there’s a change in consumption, with many having saved up for the trip of a lifetime “now all this is over”.

Indeed, all the numbers within the travel sector sound promising, with predicted revenue up across the board and consumers expressing an intention to travel. Within the sector, personalisation is on the rise. There is an increased desire for face-to-face interaction and more consumers are interested in sustainable travel.

This comprehensive report takes in research from a range of third-parties as well as our own consumer survey to look at the travel market across Europe – to find out who’s buying what online, how often and how happily. Primarily, we look at the European consumer, with specific reference to regions where pertinent.

The European tourism industry has endured significant challenges but there are positive indications across the board, with projected revenue growth positive intentions.

Download the full report for insight into: 

  • How travel and accommodation in Europe recovered most of its value in 2022
  • Why UK travellers love a discount
  • Why the younger European travellers crave the personal touch
  • Why the use of apps to book travel and accommodation is growing fast
  • Why is TUI Group set to open 21 new branches across the UK in 2023 to meet customer demand?
  • The Turo app – lets drivers rent out their car Airbnb style

Report highlights:

  • 31 pages of market-leading research into the European Travel Sector
  • 40+ illustrative RetailX figures, charts and graphs
  • 22 case studies including: British Airways, Center Parcs, On the Beach, Skyscanner and Travelodge


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