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March 28-29


Register now for Ecommerce World Review our festival of research is back for 2023. Join us for expert insights, case studies and data analysis based on our industry leading research into the top global retailers, markets, territories and sectors.

Join RetailX’s exclusive festival of research: Ecommerce World Review that will take place on 28th & 29th March 2023

We will dive into ecommerce trends across the globe with our editors, researchers and industry guests through 11 FREE webinars over 2 days.

Powered by a kaleidoscope of research, including data analysis and RetailX case studies – our industry experts share everything you need to know in order to stay ahead of competitors for the rest of the year.

Cutting-edge topics include sustainability, marketplaces, in-depth regional analysis and the launch of the 2023 RetailX UK Top500.

Upcoming Webinars

Tuesday March 28th

Wednesday March 29th

RetailX UK Top500 2023 Launch: Who are the new Elite?

Join our panel as they launch the RetailX UK Top500 2023 report, which ranks the Top500 retailers in the UK by their performance across 5 performance metrics. Tune in to catch Hannah Bennett, Head of Digital at Paul Smith, who will be sharing her industry insights from a Top500 company. The panel will discuss the changes year on year as well as what are the factors that set the Elite from their contemporaries

Sponsored by: Braze, Klevu, Limesharp and Paul Smith

28/03/2023: 11:00 GMT

An Introduction to the Metaverse for Retail

This webinar will provide an outline of why the metaverse is important to retailers and wider business. As well as answering the questions: Who is the Metaverse aimed at? And how are consumers and retailers using the Metaverse?

28/03/2023: 12:00 GMT

Sustainability: Benchmarking the Global Elite250 Retailers

Join the experts as we discuss the RetailX Sustainability Benchmarking the Global Elite 250 report which assesses how close the top retailers in the world are to reaching their sustainability goals and what actions are being taken to reach their goals.

Sponsored by: Fulfilmentcrowd

28/03/2023: 15:00 GMT

The USA Ecommerce Country Report 2022

This webinar will present a detailed analysis of the state of ecommerce in one of the most influential ecommerce markets in the world. Our panel will take you through the ins and outs of America’s digital economy, including its global position in the Logistics Performance Index and an understanding of the US consumer, from shopping habits to reasons they avoid online shopping.

28/03/2023: 16:00 GMT

Are Marketplaces still going from strength to strength?

Join our panel of experts as they give an update on the current state of Marketplaces in the UK and Europe. There has been a explosion in the growth of marketplaces in the past 6 years but, are they still going from strength to strength? The webinar will also explore the factors that are key to a successful marketplace and how the marketplaces arena is fragmenting into a much more granular and localised business

Sponsored by: Omnify

29/03/2023: 10:00 GMT

Launching the Luxury Sector 2023 Report

Join our launch of the Luxury 2023 Sector Report in which will get under the skin of high-end retail. The panel will walk through the market context, zooming in on the leading categories of fashion, perfume and cosmetics. The webinar will also analyse the luxury consumer; looking at how often they shop online, as well as why and what for.

Sponsored by: PFS

29/03/2023: 11:00 GMT

DeliveryX Warehousing Report 2023 Launch

We are launching the DeliveryX Warehousing Report 2023 in which experts will discuss the future of ecommerce warehouses, how they are keeping up with demand, and which retailers are making the most of innovation to streamline their processes.

Sponsored by: Avalara and Rhenus Logistics

29/03/2023: 12:00 GMT

The rise of marketplaces is not looking like it will slow down. Join our webinar in which our panel of experts will discuss how the health and beauty sector is using marketplaces to sell their products and reach new audiences.

Sponsored by: ChannelAdvisor

29/03/2023: 14:00 GMT

The Nordics Fashion Report 2023

Register to join our behind the scenes analysis of the Nordics Fashion landscape from a commercial and strategic point of view. The panel will discuss how retailers in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are operating in the ever-evolving fashion market.

 Sponsored by: Avalara and Klevu

29/03/2023: 15:00 GMT

Who are the USA Growth2000?

Our Growth2000 reports examine how the retailers outside the Top500 operate and thrive. Our research team have for the first time examined the USA G2K retailers. Our Panel will discuss how they measure in the areas of Search, Mobile, Delivery, and Social. Tune in to catch industry expertise from  Prasad Tangirala  VP of eCommerce Engineering at Conn’s.

Sponsored by: Conns, Klevu and Revlifter

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