Ecommerce World Review

7-8 Nov


Ecommerce World Review our festival of research. Register now for expert insight, case studies and data analysis based on our industry leading research into the top global retailers, markets, territories and sectors

RetailX’s exclusive festival of research: Ecommerce World will take place on 7th and 8th Nov 2023

We dive into ecommerce trends across the globe with our editors, researchers and industry guests through 9 FREE webinars over 2 days.

Powered by a kaleidoscope of research, including data analysis and RetailX case studies – our industry experts share everything you need to know in order to stay ahead of competitors for the rest of the year.

Cutting-edge topics include sustainability, marketplaces, in-depth regional analysis and the launch of the 2023 Global Ecommerce Research Report.

Upcoming Webinars

7th November 2023

07/11/2023: 11:00 GMT

How Europe’s Top1000 Retailers are Innovating to Grow in 2023

Join our panel as they explore the data behind our eighth annual RetailX Top1000 Europe 2023 Report.

This comes at a time when leading retailers are navigating a challenging economic period and we look at how the Top1000 are innovating,  improving their service and are taking strategic decisions to survive and thrive in this environment.

During our discussion the panel will look at examples from companies that are leading the way in how they are dealing with the changes, like: Albert Heijn, H&M, Empik, Oysho, Castorama, GuitarGuitar and River Island. 

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07/11/2023: 12:00 GMT

The Launch of the 2023 Global Ecommerce Region Report

Join us for the launch of the Global 2023 Ecommerce Region Report webinar. The 130+ page report offers in-depth coverage of different ecommerce regions and countries, ranging from developing nations in Africa to mature markets such as the USA, Australia and Canada.


The discussion will focus on the difference between regions as well as trends that will affect retailers in the years ahead: from increasing concerns over sustainability to the way that governments struggle to regulate the biggest technology companies.

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07/11/2023: 13:00 GMT

Deep-dive into the 2023 Benelux Ecommerce Report

Join our webinar for a rigorous analysis of one of Europe’s most significant B2C Ecommerce markets. Although the region of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, can be considered as one in terms of ecommerce, it is intriguing to note the differences in consumer behaviour, language and market size.

During the discussion our panel will examine the consumers in this region, what makes it so vital to European ecommerce and how it has become a lifeline to many retailers in response to Brexit.

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07/11/2023: 14:00 GMT

European Marketplaces 2023 Launch: A review of Europe’s leading marketplaces

Retailers and brands will gain a unique insight into the state of ecommerce across 34 countries, including the UK, France, Germany, Portugal & the Netherlands. Retailers and brands will gain unique insight into population growth, GDP per capita, delivery options and other crucial information needed to successfully sell in each of the vastly different markets featured.

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07/11/2023: 15:00 GMT

Examining the Swiss Ecommerce Sector

Join our panel as they run through highlights of the RetailX Switzerland 2023 report examining the leading retailers, shopping preferences and digital maturity of Switzerland. The webinar will also focus on the retailers and manufacturers from Germany, China and the USA and other countries which have invested in reaching Switzerland’s consumers and how marketplaces are set to grow in this mature market.

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8th November 2023

08/11/2023: 11:00 GMT

Exploring the 2023 Europe Ecommerce Region Report

Join this session in which our panel will offer a clear-cut overview of the state of ecommerce in 35 key markets across Europe.  Our panel of experts will provide unparalleled insight into everything you need in order to prepare for the consumer expectations of tomorrow, from buying habits across Europe, the role of sustainability and the rise of marketplaces and influencers. 

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08/11/2023: 12:00 GMT

Who are the Nordics Top100 Retailers?

This webinar will focus on the RetailX Nordic 100 2023 Report in which our panel will examine in detail the top retailers headquartered in the Nordic market and rank them by performance. We will examine the key tactics that retailers are using to drive customer engagement, sales and profits, and the KPIs they use for measuring their success.

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08/11/2023: 13:00 GMT

How the Top1000 rank in supply chain, logistics, and the delivery experience

Join our webinar in which our panel will examine the supply chain, logistics, and the delivery experience of Top1000 European retailers. The panel will also cover how retailers are minimising returns and deploying data and technology to succeed in what has been another challenging year.

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08/11/2023: 14:00 GMT

The Future of Sustainability in Retail

Join this session for a comprehensive picture of the current state and future direction of sustainability amongst Europe’s leading retailers and brands.  Drawing on year round analysis of sustainable retail practices and case studies of exemplars in the industry, our expert panel will give an in-depth insight into the future of sustainability in the retail sector.

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