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RetailX’s exclusive festival of research: Ecommerce World launches on 26th and 27th March 2024.


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26th March 2024

26/03/2024: 10:00 GMT

Retailers on the rise: The USA Growth 2000 2024

Join our discussion of the 2024 USA Growth 2000. The Growth2000 reports examine how the retailers outside the Top500 operate and thrive. Our research team have for the second time examined the USA G2K retailers and will discuss how they measure in the areas of Search, Mobile, Delivery, and Social, put this in context and use real world case studies to showcase examples of retailers in this class.

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26/03/2024: 11:00 GMT

Who are the UK’s Elite retailers? The UK Top500 2024 in discussion

Join our panel as they launch the RetailX UK Top500 2024 report, which ranks the Top500 retailers in the UK by their performance across 5 performance metrics. Tune in to Ian Jindal and a panel of industry experts who will be sharing their insights into the research. The panel will discuss the changes year on year as well as what are the factors that set the Elite from their contemporaries.

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26/03/2024: 12:00 GMT

The UK Growth 1000 2023 in discussion

Join us as we discuss the UK Growth 1000 report 2023. Here we look at the growth-sector retailers and brands who are not yet in the Top500 reports, and our ranking focused upon growth-related performance – their traffic, retail footprint, social media and mobile use and their search visibility. The G1K retailers are heralded as the ‘growth engine’ of the UK economy, but this is our first opportunity to look at some facts about how they are performing in 2023 and into 2024.

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26/03/2024: 13:00 GMT

Middle East Ecommerce 2023: How to stand out from the competition

Join us as we analyse the economies of Iran, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates from an ecommerce and multichannel retail perspective. Our discussion, based on the Middle East Ecommerce Region Report 2023, will be a clear cut overview of the variables that retailers and retail brands should take into account when deciding whether to expand in the Middle East.

26/03/2024: 14:00 GMT

Launching the Global Luxury Report 2024

Join our launch of the Global Luxury 2024 Sector Report in which will get under the skin of high-end retail. The panel will walk through the market context, zooming in on the leading categories of fashion, perfume and cosmetics. The webinar will also analyse the luxury consumer; looking at how often they shop online, as well as why and what for.

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27th March 2024

27/03/2024: 10:00 GMT

Are Marketplaces still growing? An analysis of the marketplaces environment

Join our panel of experts as they give an update on the current state of Marketplaces in globally. There has been an explosion in the growth of marketplaces in the past 10 years but, are they still going from strength to strength? The webinar will also explore the factors that are key to a successful marketplace and how the marketplaces arena is fragmenting into a much more granular and localised business.

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27/03/2024: 11:00 GMT

The DeliveryX Warehousing Report 2024 Launch

This session will pull out the key findings of the 2024 DeliveryX sector report which looked at the UK warehousing sector and its impact on ecommerce operations. Research editor Katie Searles will discuss the challenge of widespread labour shortages, the opportunities of automation and how these extensive sites can be more sustainable. Supported by a range of charts and data, this presentation will highlight how dynamic and innovative the UK warehouse industry is.

27/03/2024: 12:00 GMT

The Global Fashion Report 2024 Launch

Join us for the launch of the Global Fashion Report 2024, our panel of invited experts will explore the fast-paced fashion industry, from what the customer base looks like, through to macro issues that are affecting the industry like sustainability and the cost-of-living crisis. Using real-world retailer case studies they will give examples of excellence and future trends that are being executed today.

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27/03/2024: 13:00 GMT

The Year in Data Report: 2023 all wrapped up

In the Year in Data 2023 Report we share the highlights from the more than 40 reports that RetailX produced in 2023. Join our panel as they discuss this distillation of a year of work, which saw our editors and researchers focusing on the ecommerce and multichannel industries in countries and regions across the world, as well as across a range of sectors.


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