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We invite retail professionals to join our ‘RetailCraft’ Network and receive exclusive invitations to our roundtables free of charge, here’s what’s coming up in SS19. RetailX is dedicated to developing its on-going research that powers InternetRetailing’s Top500 reports. Join us to network and learn from other retailers through discussing key strategies, initiatives and on-going challenges. 


Topic: Customer life-cycle
Ideal for functional experts and manager

20th March

8:30am - 10:30am

The consumer and brand relationship has changed and customers are no longer consuming products and marketing messages in the same way. Consumers want personalisation and deeper relationships. Data is key to meeting these customer demands and marketers need to be collecting the right information and using it smartly.

In this whitepaper:

  • The ‘In Life’ marketing initiative: Understanding and acting on personal data, using it to build marketing initiatives that build winning experiences.

  • The Customer’s experience: How customers want the best and the experience is becoming top priority for brands, outshining product quality as the competitive differentiator.

  • The long game: Designing your marketing to form a relationship with your customers and using the relationship to entertain them, inform them, add value to their lives and solve their problems.

  • Case studies from top retailers; HSBC, Toms and Holland and Barrett on how they use data insights to create relevant and personal experiences for consumers.