RX 72 Lunch, London

27 February, 2020 - 12:00pm

Narrative and selling – private lunch discussions 2020

Content, storytelling and commerce for retailers, brands and publishers – online, social and selling.

Customers want “more” from their engagement with us than a buy-button or a promotion. Full-price selling, repeat custom, word of mouth growth – the aims of all retailers and brands – requires that the customer understands more than “price”. Heritage, use cases, social proof, product differentiation, relevance – all of these require storytelling, the use of multiple channels and access to consumers.

In parallel, media owners (whether established media, digital channel owners, influencers) seek to monetise their ‘traffic’. In the past this would have been from commissions earned from product feeds. However the growth of product collaborations, joint activity, social media and other techniques now give many more opportunities for monetisation – along with new challenges of ROI harvesting, tracking, co-ordination and management.

We are interested in the new techniques, challenges and ideas in the ‘collaborative commerce’ between retailers, brands, publishers, channel owners – in short, all of those seeking to generate and monetise the consumer’s attention… repeatedly, at profit, at scale!

To that end we are convening four working lunches in the private dining suite in the rooftop garden at SkyGarden London. In the heart of the city, with panoramic views of London, a dozen or so retailers, brands and publishers will discuss current practice, new initiatives and partnership and trends/progress – both current and desired.

We are convening these off-the-record discussions in order to inform our research work in 2020.

We have four dates already planned. All start at noon (welcome drink, networking) and will finish by 3pm.


Guests who participate will be updated on thematic notes from other sessions and we’ll round up towards the end of the year.

Sky Garden

Sky Garden Walk


United Kingdom


Testimonials from recent RetailCraft dinners

"Let me thank you all for a wonderful evening on Wednesday. You assembled a great group of people and I would say it was a very successful evening in terms of bringing people together and facilitating genuine and interesting conversations and connections"
"Really great meeting everyone on Wednesday night, thanks for a fabulous evening.”
"I had an amazing time, so much so I'm really looking forward to doing it again. You were AMAZING!!!”
"Was such a fun night full of amazing food and great company"


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