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29-30 March


An overview of the Polish retail landscape

This webinar delves into the Poland Country report 2021 to assess the current state of ecommerce in Poland, including GDP per capita, cross-border purchases and social media activity.

Hear from special guests Alexander Willkomm and Daniela Dorner as they explore the Polish ecommerce landscape, contributing their insights and experience from the market.

During the discussion, we consider:

  • The Polish consumer from the retailer perspective
  • Are cross-border capabilities improving?
  • How did shoppers change their behaviour during lockdown and which of these trends have continued?
  • Personalisation in the complex era of 2022

Featured speakers:

Alexander Willkomm, Director Strategic Accounts at Tealium

Daniela Dorner, Ecommerce Director at Mondi Group

Ian Jindal, CEO at RetailX

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Poland 2021 report

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Tue 29 March – 10:00

Middle East ecommerce: How to stand out from the competition

Join us as we analyse the economies of Iran, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates from an ecommerce and multichannel retail perspective. Our discussion, based on the Middle East Ecommerce Region Report, will be a clear cut overview of the variables that retailers and retail brands should take into account when deciding whether to expand in the Middle East. 

We will zoom in on each country and take into account the types of consumers, shopping preferences and digital maturity level. We then look at real-world examples of notable sellers in the region and what is making them stand out from the competition.

Sponsors:          Tealium Sponsor RetailX

Tue 29 March – 10:40

An overview of the Polish retail landscape

Our second webinar of Ecommerce World Review will focus on the context behind Poland’s fertile ecommerce landscape, through the ins and outs of the Polish digital economy offering a clear and comprehensive overview of this retail landscape.

Whether you’re a seasoned seller in Poland or just scoping the market before launching here, our quick-fire presentation, based on the RetailX Poland 2021: Ecommerce Country Report, will discuss everything you need to be successful, including opportunities, challenges and current best practices. We will also consider the political backdrop – in particular, the ongoing tensions between Warsaw and Brussels – and how this has affected the industry in question.

Sponsors: Tealium Sponsor RetailX

Tue 29 March – 11:20

Understanding the US consumer

Accounting for almost 30% of total global wealth, the USA definitely offers a promising ecommerce environment for current and future sellers. Join our discussion in which we will take you through the ins and outs of America’s digital economy, including its global position in the Logistics Performance Index. You will come away with a clearer understanding of the US consumer, from shopping habits to reasons to avoid the online shopping world.

Our experts will also focus on the issue of sustainability and zoom in on the USA’s ambitious climate change goals following COP26. We will also take time to discuss the rising prominence of the metaverse and what brands and retailers should be doing about it.


Tue 29 March – 12:00

The future of ecommerce in Europe

Join us for a run down of our flagship report the European 2021 Ecommerce Region Report. Our experts will discuss the future of commerce across the continent as well as pull our macro differences between internal regions and discuss the impact of political and geographical factors on ecommerce.

Obviously our experts cannot ignore the coronavirus-shaped elephant in the room and will discuss the recovery and how the crisis has affected shopping habits in each European country.

You cannot discuss retail without looking closely at the other crisis of our time – sustainability – in great detail. Europe has plans to become the first carbon-neutral continent, so our panel will also zoom in on retailers CDP environmental scores for RetailX EU500 Elite retailers


Tue 29 March – 12:40

How the pandemic and Brexit have affected UK ecommerce

Has the UK made a recovery from the twin pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic and brexit? Retailers have had to drastically adapt their businesses at an accelerated pace, just to stay afloat.

Our panel of experts will look at how retailers are responding to both these factors.

Our webinar will discuss how UK shoppers are shopping in 2022? What are the trends from peak and what can be expected as future trading agreements are negotiated and inflation bites. 

On a more optimistic note, our panel will discuss the new technology that  many retailers amongst our analysis  are using to emerge out of this turbulent era as better, more innovative and future-facing companies.

Sponsors:        Tealium Sponsor RetailX

Tue 29 March – 13:20

How to break into the Nordics market

The Nordics represent highly mature and technologically advanced markets where competition is fierce, however the Nordics ecommerce scene also has room for new entrants – provided they can impress the local shoppers. Our panel will discuss what retailers need to do to enter and thrive in the Nordics as well as how the population shops.

We will discuss the long lasting impact of the pandemic on the ecommerce markets of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. For example, changes in online purchasing, best selling categories and everything in between. We’ll also delve into the unique aspects of each market, such as shopping attitudes, delivery options and e-shoppers by age. 

As always, the discussion will be based on our research with real-world and practical case study examples.

Sponsors: Tealium Sponsor RetailX

Tue 29 March – 14:00

A deep dive into the Middle East Beauty & Cosmetics Sector

The Middle East is one of the world’s fastest growing beauty markets in the world, with interesting regional and international retailers and brands. It is exciting from the point of view of ecommerce inviting best practice models, technical centres of excellence and omnichannel opportunities. Of course, each country is different, but there are global trends that are affecting every market, including those in this region.
Join our expert panel as we set out to discover the similarities and differences in the Middle East Beauty market as it pertains to the beauty, personal care and cosmetics sector. The size of the markets for the product groups of cosmetics, fragrances, skin care and personal care, the mix of channels through which consumers buy such products, and indeed the depth to which ecommerce and mobile commerce have been adopted.

Sponsors:Tealium Sponsor RetailX

Wed 30 March – 10:00

How have European marketplace structures evolved?

Our panel of experts will explore the rise and rise of Marketplaces, with as many as 64% of UK consumers now routinely turning to marketplaces first for online shopping

Our discussion will give you a deepened understanding of how each major European market has evolved its marketplace structure and how those marketplaces work for consumers and for merchants, as well as acting as an almanac of what they sell and how to meet this demand.

The panel discussion will focus on the 2021 European Marketplaces Report but will also pull in points from the Brands and Marketplaces Report 2021 and the Growth 2000 Marketplaces Report 2021

Sponsors:      ChannelAdvisor

Wed 30 March – 10:40

Sustainability 101: Everything you need to know

Our panel will offer comprehensive picture of the current state and future direction of sustainability amongst Europe’s leading retailers and brands.

Which issues are important to eco-conscious consumers? Are retailers sharing their sustainability journey with shoppers? Do retailers need to think about products differently to avoid greenwashing? Can supply chains be used to deliver sustainable change? What does a pair of circular jeans look like today?

Join our discussion to find out all this and more – including new business models that are developing out of the need for sustainable businesses, products and processes. We also consider the four value chains in retail: customer, product, operations and shareholder.

Sponsors:     asendia webinar week sponsor

Wed 30 March – 11:20

How to stand out from the competition in the UK ecommerce market

The RetailX UK Growth 2000: 2021 brings fresh insights into the way retailers have raised their ecommerce performance at a time when shoppers are doing more of their shopping online. Our panel will look closely at ecommerce and multichannel retailers across the UK and what they are doing to stand out against the increasing competition.

Our experts will discuss our research which  ranks sellers based on their performance in four growth-focused Dimensions: Find, Mobile, Delivery and Checkout. Through this close analysis, we aim to help retailers benchmark their own performance in digital commerce as they grow. We also consider the areas where growth may have taken a step backwards in light of Brexit and Covid-19.


Wed 30 March – 12:00

An analysis of the key players in the Luxury market

The RetailX UK Growth 2000: 2021 brings fresh insights into the way retailers have raised their ecommerce performance at a time when shoppers are doing more of their shopping online. Our panel will look closely at ecommerce and multichannel retailers across the UK and what they are doing to stand out against the increasing competition.

Our experts will discuss our research which  ranks sellers based on their performance in four growth-focused Dimensions: Find, Mobile, Delivery and Checkout. Through this close analysis, we aim to help retailers benchmark their own performance in digital commerce as they grow. We also consider the areas where growth may have taken a step backwards in light of Brexit and Covid-19.


Monday 8 Nov 10:00

Sustainability Report 2021: How are retailers making shopping more sustainable?

Join us for our review of one of the world’s most important issues and the role retailers are playing in making shopping more sustainable. Our discussion will centre around our newly released Sustainability Report 2021 and the discussion will focus upon real, practical, present activity, and how to make progress while under pressure to be perfect and never make mistakes or compromises.


asendia webinar week sponsor

Monday 08 Nov 15:30 GMT

How to establish your marketplace presence

Marketplaces have seen significant growth over the past couple of years especially with established brands and retailers not only selling through them but also setting up their own. Our panel will look at how Growth 2000 retailers are establishing themselves on marketplaces and what the future looks like for these brands.


Tuesday 9 Nov 10:00 GMT

Germany Top100: A review of the German ecommerce market and it’s leading players

During this webinar we will take a deep-dive into the German ecommerce market but more specifically the country’s Top 100 retailers. Why are they the best in Germany? What sets them apart? What makes trading in Germany different from other European markets?



Tuesday 09 Nov 15:30 GMT

Marketplaces 2021 Report: A review of Europe’s leading marketplaces

To celebrate the launch of our Marketplaces Report 2021 our panel of experts are coming together to discuss the main findings of the paper. Join us to hear more about what the leading marketplaces across Europe are, what categories they sell into, how Amazon and eBay match up for brand protection and their traffic levels on non-transactionals as well as much more!


Wednesday 10 Nov 10:00 GMT

Benelux 2021: A review of Europe’s most significant B2C markets

Join our webinar for a rigorous analysis of one of Europe’s most significant B2C Ecommerce markets. Although the region of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, can be considered as one in terms of ecommerce, it is intriguing to note the differences in consumer behaviour, language and market size. We will discuss the market in detail as well as discuss how this region has been vital in many companies’ response to BREXIT.

Sponsors:Tealium Sponsor RetailX

Wednesday 10 Nov 15:30 GMT

A review of the Grocery Sector Report 2021

To bring to life the launch of our Grocery Sector Report 2021 we are gathering together a panel of industry experts to discuss the findings in detail. We will analyse the impact the pandemic caused, accelerating digital roadmaps for grocery retailers and brands by as much as five years, in some cases and much more!


Thursday 11 Nov 10:00 GMT

An analysis of the furniture market in 2021

Join us for our analysis of the furniture market in 2021 in which we will offer a critical and commercial perspective of the wider furniture sector, including an overview of leading brands, the housing boom and global urban population growth. We also discuss that sustainable production, delivery and recycling of furniture is becoming a key driver in the market; with consumers looking to buy furniture made from sustainable raw materials and even from recycled plastic and fabric waste.


Thursday 11 Nov 15:30 GMT

UK Top500 Innovation Snapshot: How retailers can innovate in 2021 and beyond

Following on from the success of our previous UK Top500 Innovation webinar we are going to review our last suggestions and suggest new innovations for 2022. Our editors will review the top innovations in the UK market that have contributed to success and that can be adopted in 2022. We will reveal the quantify the effect, with supporting case studies and  illustrate how these innovations can be implemented. Join us to learn the practical steps to selling successfully in (market).


Friday 12 Nov 10:00 GMT

A review of the Europe 2021 Ecommerce Region Report

Ecommerce is an incredibly fast moving sector and as such we are bringing you an update of the European Region since our last EWR in July. We will also look closely at the crisis of our time – sustainability – in great detail. For example, exploring Europe’s plans to become the first carbon-neutral continent, as well as zooming in on retailers CDP environmental scores for RetailX EU500 Elite and leading retailers.

Sponsor:       Tealium Sponsor RetailX


Friday 12 Nov 15:30 GMT

A review of the Global 2021 Ecommerce Region Report

Join us for the launch of the Global 2021 Ecommerce Region Report webinar. The report offers in-depth coverage of different ecommerce regions and countries, ranging from developing nations in Africa to mature markets such as the USA.

We will also speak to retail professionals from around the world and consider some of the issues that will affect the sector in the years ahead: from increasing concerns over sustainability to the way that governments struggle to regulate the biggest technology companies.


asendia webinar week sponsor         


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